Current Offerings

Current Offerings

Are you interested in developing a deeper prayer practice?
Have you been curious about a Quaker discernment process
as you make more meaningful decisions for the path ahead?

Invite Ashley to lead your church, small group, or service organization with one of her workshops!

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Bring your group closer with shared prayer practices. What does it mean to pray? This joyful, interactive workshop leads a group through a variety of spoken and embodied prayer practices, including breathing prayer, prayer postures, body prayer, coloring prayer, and praying through poetry. It will reawaken your sense of fun and creativity in prayer. By engaging with a wide variety of prayers, this workshop will expand your understanding of prayer and deepen your prayer practices as a community.

Learn Quaker discernment practices to listen for the answers to your deepest questions. Quaker discernment is based on the belief that everyone has access to truth within. This workshop leads a group through practical discernment practices, including listening to the body, journaling, and the Quaker practice of clearness committees. Whether your discernment is about big questions or daily practice, this workshop will help you trust your intuition in making life decisions.


Each workshop is two hours long.

The Quaker discernment workshop that Ashley led was extremely illuminating as we explored how to remove distractions, listen to our inner selves and clearly see where God is leading us.

Kenya Smith, Director of Leadership Development, Emmaus House

Ashley recently provided a workshop on prayer to all of us participants in The Road program of the Episcopal Service Corps, and it was wonderful. Ashley was able to make room for a diversity of perspectives on prayer, acknowledging the different faith traditions of those present in the room and the many outlooks we had on the topic. I hope we will be able to invite her back soon!

Simeon Bruce, Episcopal Service Corps Fellow, Atlanta

Ashley is an experienced workshop leader who has worked with church groups, service organizations, and conferences. She has openings this summer and fall to lead these workshops on Quaker discernment and prayer. Invite Ashley to work with your church, service organization, or small group today!