“Ashley is wise far beyond her years.  There is a cadre of Young Friends at present who are showing us older Friends how to reach across the boundaries Friends have allowed to separate us, recognizing and claiming the spiritual gifts of all kinds of Friends and knitting them together.  They are passionate in their faith, ready to sacrifice much to be witnesses for it.  Ashley is one of this remarkable group of emerging and emergent leaders.”  

Carole Treadway, North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative)


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On Preaching

“Part of what drew me in was that it was very Ashley right from the start—no ‘preacher persona.’  Her message was like three strands of a braid, bringing together the logic of the passage, emotion, and spirituality.  The way she draws on the Quaker tradition creates space to listen not just to her, but to what the Spirit was saying along with her.”  

Rev. Jenny Howard, Progressive Christian Alliance


On Workshops

"Ashley recently provided a workshop on prayer to all of us participants in The Road program of the Episcopal Service Corps, and it was wonderful. Here’s why:

1. Inclusivity - Ashley was able to make room for a diversity of perspectives on prayer, acknowledging the different faith traditions of those present in the room and the many outlooks we had on the topic.

2. Sensitivity - Ashley acknowledged the need people might have to step back or step out, and cultivated a space where people felt comfortable doing so.

3. Knowledge - It was evident that Ashley is well-versed in and prepared to lead a group in many different forms of prayer. Sadly, our workshop was too short for us to benefit from the full extent of her knowledge, which is why I hope we will be able to invite her back soon!"

Simeon Bruce, Episcopal Service Corps Fellow, Atlanta