Musings and Leadings

The ideas and musings of Ashley M. Wilcox

I am a Quaker minister and a lawyer, originally from Anchorage and currently living in Atlanta. I share an apartment with my partner Troy and our two orange cats. In addition to reading and writing, I enjoy a good laugh, swimming, yoga, knitting, and singing. To learn more about me, click here.


New Beginnings

It's a little intimidating to start a new blog.  When I began the blog A Passionate and Determined Quest for Adequacy back in 2008, I was in the middle of a life-changing call to ministry and I needed a place to talk about it.  In that first year, I wrote in a flurry, sharing all of the new and exciting things happening in my life and ministry.

That blog was very much of its time: named after an obscure Quaker quote, on Blogspot, connected to the Quaker blogosphere.  I started it at a time when Quaker bloggers all read each others' blogs and commented on them, meeting new friends by reading their posts.  I am grateful for those connections and the ongoing friendships they made possible.

As Betsy Blake and I started dreaming about what this new website would look like, I wondered whether I still felt led to blog at all.  For the last few years, my blog has mostly been a place to share reports and writing I have done elsewhere.  Blogging has never been my main form of ministry.  And yet, I love having the platform.  Every once in a while I have Something to Say, and it is good to have a place to say it.

With a new blog comes a new name.  Calling this blog "Musings and Leadings" feels like a lot less pressure than a Quest for Adequacy.  I plan to check in periodically here to share my musings and leadings, as well as updates on my ministry.  I hope that you will check in from time to time too, and please look around the beautiful website that Betsy built for me!  I am excited about the speaking and preaching opportunities and retreats and workshops that I have to offer.

Happy new year and new beginnings, and blessing to all who find me here.

Ashley Wilcox